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Ministry of Climate Change Launches ‘Environmental Tolerance Initiative’

The Ministry of Climate Change and Environment, MoCCAE, today rolled out the Environmental Tolerance Initiative to mark Tolerance Week that runs from 9th to 16th November and to raise public awareness of eco-friendly behaviours and local environmental protection efforts.

Dr. Abdullah Belhaif Al Nuaimi, Minister of Climate Change and Environment, said, “Tolerance is a key trait of the UAE identity and an intrinsic value championed by the country since its inception. We believe that tolerance involves harmonious coexistence not only with other human beings but all inhabitants of this planet, including our natural resources.”

He added, “Owing to the vision of its wise leadership, the UAE has become home to millions of people from over 200 nationalities, and various terrestrial and marine ecosystems that boast rich biodiversity.”

The Environmental Tolerance initiative consists of five sub-initiatives that feature community-centered activities and awareness campaigns.

The ‘Let’s Be Tolerant Towards Our Marine Environment’ initiative seeks to protect marine biodiversity and habitats, and boost community participation in pollution control, coastal clean-up, and fishing regulations compliance. It comprises awareness campaigns on safi and sheri, endangered marine turtles and sharks, and the Fujairah Cultured Coral Reef Gardens.

The ‘Let’s Be Tolerant Towards Our Terrestrial Environment’ initiative includes campaigns that educate the public on the importance of terrestrial ecosystems and boost community engagement in keeping the environment clean, such as the Animal Welfare Campaign, MoCCAE Beats, and the Perennial Trees Preservation Campaign.

Meanwhile, the ‘Let’s Be Tolerant Towards Our Natural Heritage’ initiative features projects and activities that encourage the public to plant indigenous trees, such as the ghaf, the UAE’s national tree and symbol of tolerance.

The ‘Let’s Be Tolerant Towards Our Food’ initiative incorporates awareness campaigns that motivate individuals to cut down on food waste.

Finally, the ‘Environmental Performance Improvement’ initiative aims to protect fragile ecosystems and the right of future generations to clean air and fresh water, support the private sector in its shift to sustainable production, and promote the adoption of eco-friendly practices.

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