FNC Technical and Energy Affairs Committee Discusses Support for National Industries

During a meeting held at the Federal National Council, FNC, Secretariat-General in Dubai, Aisha Rashid Liateem, Chairperson of the Technical, Energy and Mineral Resources Affairs Committee of the FNC, said that the committee discussed the support provided for national industries, reviewed technical studies on related topics, and assessed the efforts of authorities to support the national economy during the current conditions.

The committee’s action plan includes holding meetings with relevant authorities in the country’s industrial sector and brief them on the challenges facing the development of this important sector, she added.

Liateem stressed that the committee reviewed the incentives provided to support national industries, and the ongoing cooperation between local and federal authorities in supporting national industries, and reviewed the challenges facing the Emiratisation of private industries, the adoption of environmental requirements, and the competition between local and foreign products in the country.

Liateem pointed out that the committee aims to find successful solutions to these challenges by launching industrial innovation support centres, monitoring current and future needs, establishing a local academy to train people on how to manage, operate and advance the industrial sector, drafting future plans and considering the labour market’s requirements.

She also highlighted the importance of unifying the policies and procedures of each emirate to assist in the launch of industrial projects and collect licences and fees, and stressed the importance of establishing organisations that finance small and medium-sized enterprises throughout the country.

Mohammed Issa, Committee Rapporteur, noted that the industrial sector is a key economic segment in any country, especially due to the effects of the coronavirus crisis that highlighted the importance of this sector in facing related challenges. He also noted the sector’s role in ensuring the process of development and gauging the power of the national economy, adding that supporting this sector will benefit all other economic and social sectors in the UAE.

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